Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Breathe MeBreath Me by Alexia Purdy
4 of 5 stars
 This book is wonderful. All though it in not the kind of book I normally read, it is very well written and a great read. Anyone who has ever been in love and given someone a second chance knows how hard it is to do. It can be very difficult to trust the person not to break your heart again. I found myself rooting for Piper to let Sasha back in. Alexia Purdy has such a creative way with words. I love the way she tells a story. Breathe Me made me want to keep reading. I had to know what was going to happen next. I had to know if Piper and Sasha were going to be together. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever loved someone so much they would be willing to try again. Also especially for the person who has never known this kind of love, so they might learn that a fairytale kind of love does exist weather it last or not. Don't want to give away the ending. I look forward to reading more by Alexia.