Sunday, July 28, 2013

                                       Indian Hills by Mark Tufo

Great book. I discovered Tufo's books this summer. I have loved every thing I have read of his so far. Although Indian Hill is not quite as good as the Zombie Fallout series I still highly recommend it. I have fallen for Mark Talbot who is the main character in both ZF series and the IH'S series. He is a underdog but things have a way of working out for him. Mostly by accident. His mouth has a way of getting him into trouble and I can so identify with that. Great writer. Will continue to be a favorite
 Pretty When She Dies
 by Rhiannon Frater
Imagine waking up buried in a shallow grave and having to dig your way out. You have dirt in your eyes and mouth. You are choking on it. You have no memory of who you are or how you got here. Now imagine you make it back to your dorm room only to discover that you are dead. This is the situation Amaliya finds herself As Pretty As She Dies begins. Amaliya is a Texas heavy metal rocker, college student who has to find her ways with the hunger of a new vampire and her psychotic maker that is out to destroy her on the trail. Her life before has not been easy and it has suddenly gotten a whole lot more difficult.
Along the way she is lucky enough to develop a relationship with Cian, the master vamp of Austin. Cian knows just how evil Amaliys maker can be from personal experience. Cian has a small group of loyal followers that include a human girlfriend and the son of a famous vampire hunter. He also has a human servant who has some vampire strenghths from years of ingesting his master’s blood. Roberto, the human servant is jealous, arrogant and does as he pleases, while claiming he is only doing what is best for his master.
Amaliya discovers she has powers to control the dead, which is not surprising since her grandmother can see ghost and the vampire that turned her is a necromancer. The Vampires of San Antonio want Amaliya so they can control Cian, but have no ideal of the extent of Amaliya’s powers until it is almost to late. This is an amazing story of love, betrayal, survival, family bonds and learning to adapt. Becoming a vampire may be the best thing that ever happened to Amaliya if she can survive long enough to find out.
There is so much more to this book that a simple review cannot do it justice. Rhiannon Frater is a wonderful weaver of words. I felt like I was part of the book and not just an observer. I have been mesmerized by everything I have read by her. This is definitely a book that is hard to put down and leaves you anxious for more.

Monday, July 22, 2013

                     Perfect Nightmare by Norman Stanton

     It would be amazing if people had an advance warning of catastrophes that happen daily in which millions of persons receive life changing injuries, lossed loved ones or are killed.  What would you do if someone told you they dreamed your town was going to be destroyed?  What would you do if you were the person having these dreams?  Would you try to alarm everyone of impending danger or would you be to afraid that no one would believe?

     Arnold and Dee are little more than strangers when they have a shared dreams of disastrous events that will result in the deaths of thousands of people.  They leave London and travel to the United States to attempt to warn as many people as they can to help minimize the loss of lives.

     A mining town, in Virginia, is their first stop.  They are attempting to convince the residents that something horrible is going to happen at the mine.  Arnold and Dee are joined my Amos, who is working as a miner.  Amos is a Native American, who has accurately dreamed of future occurs most of his life.  He has inherited this ability from his grandfather.  Recently he has had the same dreams of future devastation that has plagued Arnold and Dee.

     What the three discover is that they have a small influence over nature that can help control the end results of the things they have dreamed.  It is wonderful what can be prevented with just a little chance in the course or time of an event.  Their dreams and abilities help them make many strong and lasting friendships and relationships along the course of their adventures. Some of these people have great wealth and power, which comes in handy when they need help.

     The trio is very resourceful and save many people along the way. They team up with members of several Indian tribes to plan for a volcano eruption they know is going to happen within a few weeks. They know what and where this is going to happen.  They know the number of people it will be affected.  What they don’t know is the exact time.

     I enjoyed this book, when the author described the scenic views if felt as if I was there.  It really made me want to see these sites myself.  If you are a fan of prophecies, disaster planning, and people banding together in times of crisis, this is the book for you.

Monday, July 8, 2013

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Paperback copy of Annie Walls Taking on the Dead.
In comments leave name and email address, with your favorite apocalyptic scare. I will have my eight year old grandson pick and he don't care who wins.  Winner will be notified on July 20th.