Thursday, October 24, 2013



             Taking on the Dead

              by Annie Walls

If you love zombie books and I do, then you don't want to miss this one. This is the zombie apocalypse at it's best. The story begins four years after to zombie outbreak, so all the weak and inept people are gone, either being eaten by zombies or dead from their inability to adapt. So what we have left are the hardcore survivors and not all of them are pleasant. One most learn new skills and improve on your mastered talents to make it in this new reality.
Kan is my hero. It is her nick name, short for Kansas City Sunshine Moore. She is one badass, zombie killing chick. Her weapon of choice is a crossbow pistol, but she easily adapts to any arsenal supply that is available. She has spent the first 4 years of the zombie infected world as a recluse. She leaves her home, because the crazy survivors take advantage of her hostility and try to take what is hers. 
Kan has been preparing for this world for most of her life, but gets in a jam shortly after she starts her journey. That is when, Rudy, the dream guy of the apocalypse comes to the rescue.  There is intense chemistry between Rudy and Kan. The problem is Rudy has an unresolved issue with an abandoned childhood girlfriend/lover, which he feels the need to save. She is at a survival camp that use zombie for protection and force people to conform to fit into the slots they peg them for. Rudy doesn't know it she is still alive or even wants to be rescue, but he has to try. 

Then to complicate matters even more, there is Mac. He is Rudy's best friend and there is definitely heat between Mac and Kan.  They have so much in common and he is available, but Kan still has feelings for Rudy (maybe more than friendship feelings). What is a girl to do?
Kan agrees to help Rudy in his quest. Together Kan, Rudy and Mac plan their mission along with the help of some friends and hired guns. I guess I don't have to tell you about the best layer plans of mice and men.  There is so much more to this story, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.

This is book one of Annie Walls' The Famished series. Annie is an excellent writer and can really weave a tale. I can almost hear the groans and smell the rot of her zombies. This book kept me hungry for more, no pun intended. I really am having a difficult time with the wait for the next book, Controlling The Dead. I love Kan and her world. This is a terrific book!!!!

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