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Controlling The Dead
by Annie Walls
Amazon description:

With the help of her new companions, the path Kansas follows leads to more knowledge of the ever adapting famished.

The team finds help in unlikely places, meeting more survivors, and discovers the possibility of a new beginning.

When the team experiences a devastating loss, Kansas struggles to keep her humanity from fading and distorting like that of the surviving society around her. It begins with knowing who to trust and who to leave behind. First, she must trust herself – she won't make the same mistakes twice.

As the answers to her questions are revealed, Kansas begins to understand the knowledge comes with a heavy price and great responsibility of controlling the dead.

In a trilogy plot thick with twists and turns, this adult dark fantasy is as emotional as it is horrifyingly gripping.

For Mature Audience

My Review:


This is the second book of The Famished Trilogy by Annie Walls. I loved the first book, Taking On The Dead, but this new novel is amazing. Controlling The Dead shows how very talented the author truly is. I was spellbound from page one.

Traveling through a world of zombies, Voodoo priest and conspiracy plots is Kansas Moore. She is not your ordinary girl next door. Kan is a crossbow carrying, zombie killing, badass, that is trying to make a better life for the people who have survived. She wants answers about how the zombie virus started and knows that it was not an accident. This series is more than just another zombie horror story, even though it can be very gory and graphic. It is also an intriguing mystery, a comedy and a very hot love story. I can't get enough of this post zombie apocalyptic world.

Annie Walls writing skills makes this book come to life. Her description of Rudy, left me drooling over the hunk with an amazing body. He is Kansas’ lover, friend and combat comrade, but he is much more that it. His sense of loyalty is awesome. He is determined to always do what is right, even if it means sacrificing his own desires and needs.

Mago, is a Voodoo priest, from the swamps of New Orleans, who can control the dead. He is mysterious and spooky. He has a secret agenda which includes Kansas, even if she doesn't want it to. After Kansas seeks out Mago for answers, she discovers that she can do things she never dreamed possible. Is it a curse or a blessing?

Kansas doesn't listen to her friend Max that is trying to protect her. She charges in trying to gain the knowledge of what caused the end of the world as we know it. What she finds is more questions, than answers. When everything goes wrong she discovers she only has one friend that she can truly trust. Reece is like a big brother to Kan and is will to do anything needed to help her, just like always.

I am beyond words at describing the characters from this book. I feel my attempt does not do them justice. There are so many more that I didn’t even touch on here. They are all so well developed. I feel as if I know each and every one of them. I love the good guys, hate the bad guys and just want to slap a stupid princess, want-to-be chick, every once in a while.

I can't praise Annie Walls enough. She is absolutely brilliant. I will be anxiously awaiting the third and final book in the trilogy, Living With The Dead, but I also really want to see what Ms Walls will do next. Will there be other horror, mysterious venues to explore? I surly hope so!!!!

About author, Annie Walls 


In Her own words: Author of dark fantasy and sub-genres of horror. Voracious Reader and Googler. Lover of Dark Humor. Horror Buff. Zombie Apocalypse Enthusiast. Amateur Photographer and Graphic Designer. Artist. Cake baker and decorator. Earning a BA in English concentrating in writing. Mommy. Wife. Friend. Well, yeah, I'm one crafty bitch




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