Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A truck driver that drives a shit pumping truck, a World War 2 vet, a kid that is way to brave for 10 years old, a beautiful young woman, an evil old rich bitch, and a meth cook to start. Throw in a couple of over zealous religious nuts on bicycles and illegal aliens. What more could you ask for?  Oh, you want zombies. Well, there are more than enough of those.  I laugh so hard when I was reading this that everyone around me most have thought I had lost my mind. I didn't even get half way done with this book before I am calling my sister and telling her she had to read it. Guess what the best part is. It is FREE on Amazon.  Get it while it still is. If you love zombies and funny this is the book for you. Really wish William Bebb would write more zombies. He has definitely sold me.

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