Monday, September 9, 2013


Bounty Hunter

By SJ Hollis

I am blown away by this book.  I didn’t except to like it this much.  When the story begins Earth had been taken down by demons and most all modern tech-knowledge is gone.  These crazed breast hunt for any hint of magic left, so they can destroy it.  The demons hate witches and can often see their magic in their eyes.  In the opening scenes, young Kai is fighting for his life against one of these huge insane creatures.  Sam, a bounty hunter, helps Kai and offers him a job after she helps him conquer the beast.  Kai refuses, but she gives him her business card, just in case. 

Kai is a witch and he has spent his whole life with his uncle, running and hiding from the demons.  When he gets in a bind after he runs away, he calls Sam.  So he becomes a bounty hunter.  Before he really gets to know the ropes, he, Sam and everyone around them discover that Kai may be the salvation of Earth and all the witches everywhere.  Even though he knows very little about his parents, his magical abilities or his destiny he is forced to learn quickly.  He becomes the most wanted being in the galaxy. Caught between the law, an evil witch queen and all the demons in the world, he most discover his true purpose, if he can live long enough.

I found this to be an amazing book. I would recommend it to anyone that likes magic, supernatural or just a get novel. I look forward to reading more from S.J. Hollis.

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