Wednesday, September 4, 2013

                      The Queen Of The Dead

                                                    by Vincenzo Bilof
Vincenzo Bilof is the Shakespeare of gore. He has a way of putting words together that paints macabre pictures that will haunt you for ages. The city of Detroit's streets literally run with blood in his latest venture. There is no one left to save the innocent and helpless from the multitude of undead. For those of you that play video games and fantasize about a zombie apocalypse with the thought that you will survive. I suggest you take a look at this horror through Vincenzo's eyes. I bet you will change your mind or at least rethink your strategy.

We see the return of some of our characters in this novel, from Necropolis Now, as well as some new favorites.

Making his premiere is Father Joe, a priest with a troubled past, that will go to unbelievable lengths to keep a promise. Next there is Rosé a seductive assassin, who's purpose in live is mesmerize her subject and conquer at all costs. Next is General Masters, an insane hobo, ex military wacko, that wants to save the world by fire. Others among the new are Kathy, Frank, Jeremy and Jack. Each with there own story to tell.

I don't want to spoil who lives and dies from the first novel but I have to add that I love Vega's kickass abilities. You have to love a girl that just keeps on bringing it.

I really love this series and in my opinion the second book is even better than the first. Keep it up Vincenzo Bilof, you are an amazing writer.

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