Thursday, March 6, 2014

End Of Dreams, The Immortal Destiny
By Kim Faulks
First we have Eve.  Her life has been hard, very hard.  She leaves home to get away from an abusive, alcoholic mother.  Eve would rather work two jobs and barely survive than go back to that. Hell.  Eve finds herself pregnant and alone.  Not only is she having a baby, but it is a special being that is wanted by at least two different immortal groups, who will stop at nothing to get him.

Next is police officer, Adley, who is obsessed with find the child serial killer that tortured and savagely murdered his nephew.  Adley is willing to end his career and/or lost his life to destroy this threat to society.  For him, it is personal.

Edric is the serial killer and he is scarier than hell.  He really loves his work.  Edric needs to hear to pleds and cries of his victims.  He taunts Adley.  When he suddenly changes his method of operation and starts killing and mutilating pregnant women, Adley is even more determined to find him. 

Then we have Mercy, a blood thirsty vampire, who recruits Edric.  Can you guess how she got her name?  Edric is in love with Mercy.  Mercy takes orders from a high vamp, that she calls God.  The vampires want Eve’s baby.  Guess who they want to use to get him for them.

The family, are good guys, the ones who keep the balance between good and evil so humans can exist.  This group is made up of immortals, a werewolf, vampires, and others, who have lived and fought together for centuries.  They want Eve’s baby also, but the want to protect him.  They have to protect the unborn child at all cost, even the loss of lives, to maintain the balance.

When Eve escapes an attack from Edric and Mercy, she is on the run.  She meets Adley and he becomes even more determined to stop Edric and now to protect Eve and her unborned child. 

My opinion:
I totally loved this book.  There is evil, good, scary and love.  I was given this book for review and I can’t express how grateful I am.  This is not a book I would have chosen at random, but it is one of the most amazing ones that I have read.  Kim Faulk’s serial killer is one of the scariest people I have read about.  He is cold blooded without remorse.  Edric loves his work.  He is pure evil.
All the characters are well developed and I really want Eve to win and live happily ever after.  She is the underdog that just keeps on getting up when life knocks her down.  Eve does not know the meaning of quit.  Even though she is fragile, when she is fighting for someone she loves she is bad-assed.

Adley is the knight in shiny armor to the rescue.  He is a big bad cop, that has a hard time showing his feelings, but he is willing to risk everything to stop this killer.

This is the first book that I have read by Kim Faulks, but I guarantee it will not be the last.  As a matter of fact, I can’t wait to get to her new book, Secrets Room.  Great Work Kim

Author Info:

Born in Sydney, Australia 

genre -----Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult 

                                     influences-----My Mother and Father, the people that pushed me down, so I could fight...more  

About this author

I have been an avid reader for longer than I can remember, desiring the darker, edgier works of Bram Stoker, Stephen King, Dean Koontz. I first started writing in High School giving that away when my first attempt was nothing more than dribble. I wish now that I kept at it, pursued it with a hunger that I currently possess. 

Writing is my passion, it is what fuels the fires inside of me and it is an all-or-nothing furnace that keeps me up at all hours. 

I am married to a wonderful supportive husband, I have 2 wonderful kids and the best friends that I have waited some 35 odd years to meet.  


twitter username     AuthorKimFaulks 

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