Thursday, February 27, 2014

Until The End


Tracey Ward

Alissa has a problem.  Ever since her mother killed herself, Ali sees and hears things that are not there.  Wish medication this is pretty much under control.  This is good until getting the medication becomes the next problems and this is because zombies have arrived at her college.  Her roommates are trying to eat her and she doesn’t .have a weapon in hand to defend herself.  Enters neighbor Jordon to the rescue.  Jorden bashes the roommate zombie’s head in with a bat that becomes like an old friend before this is done.
Jordon is a normal youth these days with the now, much needed, knowledge of how to survive a zombie apocalypse.  Together Jordon and Ali escape the city and head to Ali’s father by way of the river.  This story is about that journey and the people they meet along the way.  It is about how Alissa and Jordon fall in love. It is about how being in a stressful world of zombies can mess with your head, especially when you already have a mental illness and your medication isn’t to be found. 

This is a zombie world at its best with a twist.  I enjoyed this one enough that I bought and read the book and read it as soon as I was done.  Book one is told from Alissa’s perspective.  Great book.  It also shows that even with zombies, they are not always the most savage thing people can encounter.  Story is well worth the read.  

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