Friday, August 30, 2013

By Glyn Gardner

First let me say I love zombie books.  I was really anxious to read this one since it is written by a nurse and I am a nurse.  First of all it passed on one of my pet peeves.  Glyn was very realistic when describing medical procedures and how the nurse character, Jen, is afraid when doing them.  She must make some hard choses to work way beyond a nurse’s knowledge or people will not survive.  As a nurse I understand that watching and assisting a doctor is a world of differences than attempting to do it yourself.  It would be scary to know that someone’s life rested in your hands and you don’t have accurate training to accomplish what must be done.  Do you try anyway, because if you don’t, they will die.
I liked the other character in the book also.  Jen’s husband Mike is good man and tries to protect the people he cares about.  They help save the kid next door and we get to see her quickly develop into a responsible young adult who can take care of herself.  The first two military guys they join forces with to escape the zombies are great.  Ssgt Brown and Private Jackson take the duty of defending the people with them very seriously.
If you are bad person in this story, you had better beware.  Gardner has gruesome ways of weeding out the undesirables.  The one fault I found with this book was that I really didn’t read anything different from most zombie novels.  The redeeming part is that the characters haven’t gotten very far in their journey when the first novel comes to an end.  I will read the next book in the series because Apex is well written and keep my interest all the way through.  I read another review where someone was complaining about spelling errors. What I have to say to them is “get over it.”  That is not how I judge a book.  If it is a good story and I like it the errors are trivial.  In this novel the characters are well written and I found myself really rooting for the heroes to make it and in some cases for the villains to get eaten. 

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