Thursday, February 27, 2014

In The End

Tracey Ward

This story starts where Until The End left off.  The unique thing about this series is that book one was Alissa telling the story and book two has Jordon narrating the tale.  Jordon and Alissa’s father conflict often on how situations should be handled and where they small group should go.  They argue over if they should find more people or keep to themselves.  They disagree on almost everything, but the main problem is that Alissa’s father doesn’t want her to grow up.  He doesn’t think she is well enough to make adult decisions concerning her love life.  He doesn’t want her to have one. 

Jordon knows that with the current circumstances that they are all doomed unless things that they have no control over change drastically.  Jordon is willing to go against his believe and sacrifice everything to watch over Alissa and keep her safe.

I love the way this book has its twist and turns.  I love the way Jordon is willing to do whatever it that’s for Alissa.  This is a wonderful second book to this series.  Tracey Ward is an excellent story teller.  Even though this is the final tale of Alissa and Jordon, I look forward to reading more by Ms. Ward.

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