Tuesday, February 11, 2014

V-DAY----Rotten Love

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February 10 – Undying Love (Vampires)

February 11 – Changing Love (Shifters)

February 12 – Rotten Love (Zombies)

February 13 – Haunting Love (Ghosts)

February 14 – Love Gone Wrong/Dark Love/Erotica

My Zombie Love:
I didn't take zombies to serious until the last few years. I laughed at
when I was young.  Then as an adult I fell in love with

and then came

and I was hooked completely.  I couldn't get enough of a zombie fix. So I started to read about zombies.  Some of my favorites are:
 Zombie Books

Yes I am addicted to

It is not just movies and books.
Video Games:

Yes I am totally Zombie Crazy: 

Could it happen? 

Well even the CDC has Zombies:
This picture is on the CDC site

I save Zombie pictures:

I create Zombie Pictures:

with side effects.

This tour was brought to you because of:


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