Thursday, August 22, 2013

                  Going Home by A. American

It is amazing how quickly civilization deteriorates when people become desperate.  This book really played into my fears of government conspiracy theories.  When an EMP hits and wipes out everything that is electronic, Morgan is on a business trip and 250 miles from home. Morgan is an over the top prepper that has prepared for just about any kind of scenario.  He wonders how long it will take before mankind turns back to the survival of the fittest.  He gets his answer almost immediately. 

Jess is a young adult, who has been away at college and just wants to get home to her parents.  She is ill prepared for her journey home, but is very aware that it not safe for her to travel alone.  She convinces Morgan to let her travel with him. Along the way they meet Thad, a trunk driver, which is also trying to get home. They all decide that since at least part of their voyage is in the same direction, there would be safety in numbers. 

They make friends with another, Sarge, who has unbelievable set up.  It seems like Sarge is ready for anything. He is ex-military and still has friends that know what the government is up too.  When he fills his new friends in on what is really happening, they discover it will be much harder to get home. 

This book is filled with pits and downfalls that would become very real dangers if the people that keep things running smoothly were on longer here. They have to literally fight for their lives to make it home to their families. Their moral integrity has to change for them to get by in this new reality. This book will keep you on your toes wondering what will befall our heroes next. 

The author is very knowledgeable of human nature, guns, gadgets and things it would take to survive if we were suddenly left without the electrical power then dominates everything we do. We normally unmindful that we depend on it to powering out houses, cooking, having a clean water supply to basic communication. The writer of this book really makes you wonder how well you would endure if suddenly you had to figure out new ways or revert to old knowledge for doing almost anything.  How many people would just give up?  How many would try to forcefully take what belongs to others?  How many would honestly try to find new ways to get by?  It would be like a permanent, primitive camping trip. Just imagine, your cell phone, computer, air conditioning, television, radio, and kindle doesn’t work and these are things you can live without.  How long could you survive on the food you current have in your possession?

I loved this book. I learned about all kinds of things I never know existed.  There are all kinds of new survival toys I want after reading Going Home.  This book also made me want to be better prepared for any type of emergency.  It really made me realize how spoiled we as Americans are.  I already had a big fear of how much of our lives the government has control over and this book really shows how easily they could gain total command.  Really looking forward to starting Surviving Home, the sequel.
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  1. This sounds really interesting. Thanks for introducing me to it.

  2. Your welcome. Hope you like it as much as I did.