Saturday, August 3, 2013


This is a wonderful novel. It is currently the latest in the "Pretty As She Dies" series. Amaliya and Cian are an amazing vampire couple, who are surrounding by their group of supernatural and human friends that must attempt to save the world as we know it. The ancient vamp known as The Summoner created them both. He plans to destroy mankind and rule over the world of supernatural beings with an unwilling Amalyia at his side. The scariest part is that he is also a necromancer. He pasted this ability on to Amalyia and Bianca, another of his fledglings. The Summoner already controls Bianca. All that stands between him and his control of the world is Amaliya, Cian and their cabal.
I was really disappointed when Rhiannon announced that she had released the final novel in her "As the World Dies" series but after reading "Pretty As She Dies" books I am all right with this, because I realize Rhiannon can repeatedly create world that I can get lost in and become part of the book. She is truly talented and never fails to pull me in and develop characters I can't help but love. I have said this in a previous review but her characters feel more like people I know, than someone that was invented for a book. Rhiannon has a way of giving more and making you care about them. She has made it into my list of favorite authors that rate immediate read list of their new books.
I can't wait for her next book, series or whatever she decides to write. Keep them coming Rhiannon and I promise to keep reading them.

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